Medical Devices

Precise Fine Line Printing Providing Superior Performance for Medical Decices

Todays medical device market requires precision durable technology able to wirthstand a rugged enviroment witrhout affecting performance.  Micropen printing is the most precise and cost effective way of printing fine line, conformal traces of functional materials directly onto medical devices and 3D geometeries.

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Endotracheal Tubes

Endotracheal Tubes requiring sensors (e.g. measurement of patient vital signs, temperature, chemical, or nerve monitoring and/or stimulation).  Micropen Technologies has core competencies for the printing of biocompatible materials onto flexible, inflatable, 3D balloons and tubes.  Our features are integrated into the tube and balloon creating a very low profile device that enables nerve monitoring or stimulation, measurement of patient vital signs, temperature, and pH.  Our approach increases feasibility, eases insertion and placement, is ready to use and results in better patient comfort.  Cuff, non-cuff and multi-lumen printed tubes are available now.  Pediatric tubes are under development and will be available soon.

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Electrosurgical Devices

Electrosurgical Devices (bi-polar and mono-polar) can be provided on a fast track basis.  Our expertise in printing precious metals (i.e. platinum, gold, silver) result in less waste.  Our ability to print directly on complex geometries allows for better control and efficient energy delivery.

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Catheter Balloons

Catheter Balloons requiring fine line and precise printing is one of Micropen's well engineered applications.  Micropenning is a technique that enables the precise application of fine, conformal traces, of functional materials, exactly onto the catheters and/or balloon surfaces.

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Ablation Devices have the ability to destroy or remove tissue for many up-and-coming procedures.  Micropen printing a fine line, in a precise location, with specific dimensions, using a functional ink, allows the end user design flexibility.  Printed ablation features can be applied to delivery energy to a precise location. (Cardiac ablation, nerve ablation, uterine thermal balloon ablation, esophageal ablation, etc.)

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Visualization for x-ray-based medical diagnostic procedures on flexible 3-D surfaces can be achieved by printing Radiopaque materials. Micropen printing of visualization markings, i.e. radiopaque tungsten, silver, etc. allows the flexibility to place markers on surfaces where conventional methods “just will not work.”